Adult Exotic Cats, Exotic Kittens, Himalayan Cats
Available Adult Cats
Exotic and Himalayan Adults are just as wonderful to adopt as Himalayan and Exotic kittens!  It's
 easier for me to determine what type of home an adult would be comfortable in as their personality is already set. 
Tell me about your living arrangement so I can make sure one of my Himalayan or Exotic adults, will be the perfect match for you. 
 I have placed many adults in homes and have lots of happy owners!  A frequent question I get when people inquire about one of my adults is "Why are you placing them?"  I like to place my adults in their forever homes as young as possible so that they can live the life of a spoiled pet.  I'm breeding to improve the breed and to conform to the C.F.A. standard. 
I don't breed my cats over and over to make money.  
This is an expensive hobby for me and I truly love it!!!!

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